Laying the foundation for success.

Our pre-construction services are key to building the correct plan as we collect information and build the right approach to any project. Working with ownership and the design team and municipalities, we efficiently allocate resources, ensure the designation of responsibilities and collaborate to bring out the best work of all team members to focus on defining scope, setting budgets and scheduling objectives. In pre-construction, our duties will include:

  • Setting communication framework to create a smooth experience.
  • Overseeing preparation of construction cost estimating and required permits.
  • 3D capture and scanning of existing sites and conditions.
  • Production of sharable, measurable BIM files.
  • Preparation and monitoring total project budget.
  • Recommending qualified and appropriate contractors and consultants.
  • Defining the project scope and contractual responsibility for all team members.
  • Collaborating with consultants, design and engineering professionals.
  • Performing value engineering and life cycle analysis.
  • Performing ongoing constructibility reviews.
  • Preparing and monitoring critical path schedules.
  • Incorporating sustainable or green building options into the project plan.
  • Arranging hazardous materials analysis and testing.
  • Overseeing risk management and insurance requirements.
  • Ensuring effective communication between project team members.
  • Ensuring the most efficient and high quality results.

Construction Management

Leading the team for best results.

Our experienced management team is dedicated to the success of all projects we take on. Our project controls enable us to manage change with speed and flexibility, ensuring that project needs are met in a timely manner. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise keeps projects running smoothly through all phases from start to finish. When in the role of Construction Manager, our duties will include:

  • Performing on and off-site project management.
  • Ensuring on-site Quality Assurance and Quality Control.
  • Administration of construction contracts.
  • Coordination of permits, technical inspections and testing.
  • Leading construction meetings.
  • Managing budgets and schedule.
  • Monitoring safety.
  • Ensuring compliance.
  • Performing change order management with strict oversight.
  • Purchasing furnishings and equipment.
  • Managing contractor payments.
  • Assisting in close-out and punch list and final inspections.
  • Reviewing warranties and close out documentation.
  • Ensuring communication flow between all project team members including municipal authorities.
  • Presenting a plan for post project maintenance.
  • Preparing a project binder with all specific documentation.

General Contracting

Tailored GC services for select projects.

In addition to pre-construction and construction management services, we also offer in-house, full time and sub-contracted skilled labour and dedicated site supervisory services. These services are brought into select commercial or residential projects to move them forward quickly, under a very controlled framework as necessary, to complete the objectives. As GC, we offer in house, full time employee Site Supervisors who are highly experienced, and our sub-contractor partners, with whom we have long standing relationships, are thoroughly vetted. Any project team we deliver is fully insured and we possess bonding capacity. Our extensive relationships with associations, and groups of specialized trade partners and Registered Professionals allow us to quickly scale up or down as we onboard new projects or as project needs change or grow.

When choosing all three of our delivery methods of pre-construction, construction management and general contracting, your project will be best positioned for success!

Post Project Maintenance & Consulting

Consistent delivery of service you can count on.

Our team is committed to establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with all of our clients. Once our project is completed, and well beyond our warranty period, our clients can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that their properties, belongings and systems are in good hands anytime we are called upon. Whether that means upgrading, repairing or modifying existing infrastructure, or installing or finishing something new, we are there to accommodate. We also take great pride in knowing and working with leaders in our industry, keeping current with technologies and understanding processes. We lean on these professional relationships, knowledge and experience to solve problems, propose solutions and deliver sound advice. Our familiarity with our completed projects, the various property specifics and all stakeholders results in efficiency and culminates in the pride we derive from our work.

By offering this important service, we deliver on our commitment to our reputation through building and then maintaining solid, long-term relationships. Simply said, if and when you need us, we will be there.